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Creative LED Display Solution

LED screens now go beyond flat in traditional aspect ratios with revolutionary new LED products that take your creativity to the next level. A new trend has emerged in the market with a variety of small size and shape LED products. These creative products allow for intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backgrounds of any form, shape and size while also displaying logos or full motion video.

Stadium LED Display Solution

Historically, stadium perimeter banner display boards were basic signs with static graphics, this obviously limited each display board to promote one advertiser. Nowadays, these have been replaced with LED stadium surround displays, LED scrolling display boards that act as an electronic billboard for potential advertisers, this gives the stadium and club a huge potential for advertising revenue.

Features and advantages of Rental LED display Solution

Lightweight and easy to install and disassemble, the die-casting cabinet made of aluminum of alloy is thin, light, deformation assistant and easy to transport. High resolution and pixel density, uniform color and high contrast ratio to get attractive video effect.

Video and filming marketing

Video has become the single most powerful medium in the world of communications. Unlike any other data source, it has the power to give us real-time information about human behavior and how people interact with the world and transform our ability in a highly dynamic environment to proactively protect our citizens.

Rental LED Display Solution

Creating unique, dynamic events starts with a great vision. Rental LED display screen is one of the fastest growing areas in the live production and event industries. Innovative and creative designed indoor and outdoor rental LED video screens from SeeMore media can help push your event to the next level. Rental LED display screen can be used in more than just concert and musical event settings.

Front Accessible LED Display Solution

Front-accessible LED signs are LED displays designed to be mounted or embedded in walls to solve the problem of limited space. SeeMore front-accessible LED signs are slim, light, and have excellent image quality while being affordable and cost-effective.

Features and advantages of Stadium LED display Solution

Elegant cabinet design, rubber lover, padding and foot stands, hot replaceable modules without cables and screws, front and back serviceable, easy to maintain and install, 90° rotating cabinet without signal loss, uniform cabinet height ensured by adjustable foot cups, closed annular screen can be achieved.

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